Foredom Electric HO8013-09 = Support Rod with Mounting Plate by Foredom (25-1/4'' tall)
Foredom Electric HO8013-09 = Support Rod with Mounting Plate by Foredom (25-1/4'' tall)

HO8013-09 = Support Rod with Mounting Plate by Foredom (25-1/4'' tall)

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Article number: HO8013-09
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Long Support Rod
The Long Support Rod is the perfect heart of your Foredom Work Bench System when you don't have the need for a flexshaft motor hanger.  It is great for users that don't used flexshafts or used other types of motors such as micromotors.  It includes a MABC-3 mounting plate that is screwed to the bench top with the support rod held in place by a set screw.

  • Model MAAM-L
  • 25-3/4" tall x 0.0875" diameter
  • Includes MABC-3 mounting plate

  • Foredom Work Bench System Accessories
    By ordering accessory components (not included), you can transform this Motor Hanger into an incredibly organized and efficient tool holder.  You can order:

    LED Light Bar
    A 31-1/2" long pivoting LED light bar with a shade to illuminate your work surface.
      Magnetic Arm
    A 2 sided, felt covered arm to securely hold small metal tools securely.
    Bur Holder Arm
    A 2 tiered metal arm that stores and organizes 95 mounted buffs and brushes with 3/32" or 1/8" shanks.
      Tray Arm
    A This metal arm is a tray with 3 partitions for holding loose items.
    Jar Holder Arm
    A metal arm with 6 plastic screw to jars for storing small parts.
      Multi Handpiece Arm
    A metal arm with 6 upright pegs for storing your non-duplex spring handpieces.
    Peg Arm
    An angled metal arm with 10 removable pegs for hanging items on.  Can hold pliers, saws, etc.
      Dual Handpiece Rest
    Slides onto the flexshaft stand to secure your handpiece when not in use.

    Choose the accessory or accessories that will best organize your work bench and build a Work Bench System just for you!
The Foredom Work Bench System

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