why FDJtool?
Wouldn't you love to find a place that sold all of the stuff you need to make and sell jewelry? Yeah?  That's what we thought too!
our goal...
You need the right tool.  We provide tools that work the way you do.
8 reasons to choose us...
1. Our stuff is in stock so you don't have to wait
2. Quick shipping (really quick)
3. We're a family company (maybe you are too)
4. We take our own pictures of products so what you see is what you get
5. We double check every order for accuracy before it goes out the door
6. You can call or email a real person (no robots here)
7. Jewelry people work here (and those that aren't, love tools)
8. You can visit our showroom in person

it's the little things...
> Find tons of detailed info on our products
> Watch Product videos
> Calculate your freight charge before checking out
> Get reduced shipping costs with our Priority Mail option
> See current inventory on our web site so you know how many of each item we have before you order

no corporate drama...
We have fun here at our modest headquarters. You'll find pot-luck lunches, an office dog, and the occasional employee celebration.  Even the odd shopping cart race or Nerf gun battle has been know to break out.  We're a medium-sized company, but we have a big heart.
convinced yet? - phew!
Go ahead and click HERE to start shopping and leave the rest to us!  

not convinced yet? - oh dear!
You're a tough nut to crack!  Why not come on in and say "hi" at our showroom in beautiful Central Florida, the vacation capital of the world!

Find us at

1185 W Airport Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773