SO461 = Handy Flux 16oz Jar
SO461 = Handy Flux 16oz Jar

SO461 = Handy Flux 16oz Jar

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Article number: SO461
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Used by silversmiths, this long-lasting white paste flux won’t break down from prolonged heating. A staple for every bench! Used when soldering or brazing gold, silver, brass, copper and other non-ferrous metals. Contains fluorides, potassium and hydroxide.

Handy Flux begins to melt and dissolve oxides at 600°F (320°C). It is fully molten at 1100°F (600°C). It provides excellent protection of parts up to 1600°F (870°C). Cleanup should be with hot water.

Sold in an 16oz. jar.

Notes: Handy Flux may require mixing, dilution with warm water, or warming in a water bath to regain its normal consistency prior to use based on storage conditions.

The biggest advantage of this flux is its much greater ability to absorb oxygen. It is preferred for operations that involve oxide-forming base metals like copper and brass and for situations that call for a lot of heat.

And don't forget to pickle your piece after soldering to remove the oxidization. In warm Sparex, most flux glass deposits will come off in about five minutes. Especially thick coatings may take longer.

Besides its oxygen-absorbing power, borax-based flux has other features. One is the fact that it always turns clear at 1100°F, making it a reliable temperature indicator. Another quality is the way it acts like a glue. Handy Flux can help hold a chip of solder in place when used respectfully, but will stick work relentlessly to the soldering block in unfamiliar hands. Experience is the only guide to controlling this quality.


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