Nechamkin PN7205 = Nechamkin Matting Chasing Tool Set (4-Piece)
Nechamkin PN7205 = Nechamkin Matting Chasing Tool Set (4-Piece)

PN7205 = Nechamkin Matting Chasing Tool Set (4-Piece)

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Article number: PN7205
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The inspiration for the patterns in this Matting Chasing Tool Set is seen in finely made French matting tools made in Paris during the 19th century. This set was designed to cover a wide range of work, and to compliment matting tools K1 and K2, which are included in the Nechamkin 25-piece set.

K3 and K5 will accommodate small pattern work and tight areas. K4 and K6 work well for medium and large pattern work, as well as broad open areas within smaller designs. Nechamkin Chasing Tools are all 4.25″ in length and feature square stock with soft chamfered corners and a satin finish for superior comfort and tool control.

Care Tips: Regular use will keep light rust at bay. When not in use always keep these tools clean, dry, and stored in a container protected from moisture. For long term storage or storage in damp environments apply a light coat of oil to the entire tool to protect against rust.

Included in the Specialty Matting Chasing Tool 4-piece Set:
K3 – Small
K4 – Medium
K5 – Small
K6 – Medium

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