PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE
PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE

PM2023 = Gilders Paste - BRONZE

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Article number: PM2023 bronze
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This wax-based medium can be used to add non-fading color or a "gilded" finish to materials such as metal castings, filigree, brass stampings, ceramics, wood, etched glass, polymer clay, resin and more.

It can be applied to clean, dry, oil-free surfaces with a cloth, cotton swab, sponge, brush, even your finger. You can thin it with paint thinner to create a paint, stain or wash.  You can even layer colors on top of one another for different finishes and color palettes.

Polishing the metallic Gilders Pastes with a soft cloth will produce a gilded finish and nonmetallic pastes will be shiny. If left unpolished the finish will be semi-gloss or matte depending on the color.

Smooth surfaces should be slightly roughened with fine abrasive paper before application. Depending on the surface, Gilders Paste dries to the touch in as little as 10-15 minutes. It is completely dry in 12 hours with no tacky residue. If polishing or burnishing is required allow 12 hours drying time.

Gilders Paste is a waxed based finish, and its solvents can easily evaporate leaving the paste dry or cracked. To rejuvenate your product just add a few drops of either paint thinner, mineral spirits, turpentine, or a turpentine substitute (such as Turpenoid) then knife in, mix, and you’re ready to go. There is no need to mix up the whole tin; just mix what you need as you need it.


The ability to rejuvenate this product allows a long shelf life since Gilders paste wax goes a long way. A tin (30 ml by volume) will cover approximately 30 square feet, so no matter what condition your tin arrives in, it will dry or crack before you can use the whole thing, and you can easily thin it back to a paste or cream. 


Gilders paste is not a paint, but rather a wax-based medium used to highlight and color a variety of substrates and materials, both inside and outside while providing that great, wax-finished look. By adding traditional paint thinner, you can transform Gilders paste wax into a cream, paint, stain, or wash—all with one product. You have total control of how opaque, translucent, textured, or washed this wax-based medium can be.

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