MSN35226 = Nickel Silver Bracelet Blank 26ga 6" x 1/4" (Pkg of 6)

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Article number: MSN35226
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Nickel alloy sheet is commonly called nickel silver or German silver. It contains no silver. It tarnishes less than silver, and though it is dead soft, it has a stiffness that makes it hold its shape better. It makes for a great low-cost white metal for jewelry making or practice.

The sheet itself has a satin finish that can be buffed to a bright finish

This 6" x 1/4" sheet is 26ga (0.41mm) thick.

Sold in a package of 6.

* Please note that although we try to provide the nicest pieces of metal sheet possible, imperfections from the manufacturing process can occur (light scratches, etc.)

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