NC Black HA7655 = NC Black ''J'' Hammer NC Black HA7655 = NC Black ''J'' Hammer
NC Black HA7655 = NC Black ''J'' Hammer NC Black HA7655 = NC Black ''J'' Hammer

HA7655 = NC Black ''J'' Hammer

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Article number: HA7655
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The J Hammer has been developed by NC BLACK as an even smaller version of the K Hammer. It has ideal proportion and weight distribution for Micro Shell Forming 26 to 30ga metals. Use the J Hammer to maneuver thin metal and create a wide assortment of traditional shell forms.

Machined from Billet Steel with hand turned Purple Heart handles.

Hammer and handle length: 240mm
Head: 45mm L x 9mm W x 10mm H
Faces: 7.5mm L x 6mm W & 6.5mm L x 5mm W
Weight: 15 grams


With over 25 years experience working in Metal, Engraving and Tool Making, three metalsmiths created NC BLACK Company to meet the special needs of miniature smithing, raising, & shell forming by making their own micro-tools to complete intricate works.

NC BLACK is creating a range of micro-tools for the profession, made by craftsmen for craftsmen. All products are hand fabricated in North Carolina.

NC BLACK's specialty products allow you to form and finish your pieces with reliable tools for the job. Using high grade tool steel, the they use traditional engineering, cutting and shaping methods to create fine micro-tools, including handmade and finished wooden handles for comfort and long life.

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