Dedeco ST9109 = Dedeco Radial Disc Abrasive Sample Pack (15pcs)
Dedeco ST9109 = Dedeco Radial Disc Abrasive Sample Pack (15pcs)

ST9109 = Dedeco Radial Disc Abrasive Sample Pack (15pcs)

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Article number: ST9109
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Sunburst® Radial Bristle Discs by Dedeco® are impregnated with a specially treated ceramic abrasive grain resulting in longer life and faster results requiring no polishing compound. Safer and more flexible than wire brushes. Radial Discs are long-lasting and cool running with operating speeds of 3,000 - 18,000 RPM. Lower speeds allow a softer touch, greater flexibility and more subtle results. Higher speeds provide more aggressive material removal.

Their little, flexible bristles can reach into areas with detail and irregular, curved, or flat surfaces. Think of these guys as the best possible combination of a bristle brush and a rubber wheel. This mini size is perfect for use with your flexshaft machine or Dremel tool.

These discs are 7/8" in diameter and 1/16" thick.

This sample pack features:
* 2pcs of yellow 80 grit discs
* 2pcs of white 120 grit discs
* 2pcs of red-brown 220 grit discs
* 2pcs of blue 400 grit discs
* 2pcs of pink 600 grit discs
* 2pcs of orange 6 micron discs
* 2pcs of light green 1 micron discs
* 1pc of Screw top mandrel

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