CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100) CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100) CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100)
CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100) CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100) CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100)

CL1384 = Anti Tarnish Squares 1"x1" (Pkg of 100)

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Article number: CL1384
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Anti-Tarnish Tabs are a must for your showcase, your safe, your jewelry box or anywhere your jewelry might be! Anti-Tarnish Tabs are chemically treated strips of paper that protect metals from the discoloration of tarnish for up to 6 months.

These convenient tabs are safe to use with silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, tin, pewter and gold.

They are not just for jewelry! Use them with flatware, keepsakes, instruments, anything susceptible to that dreaded tarnish!

Anti-Tarnish Tabs use special "Tarni-Shield" technology that will inhibit tarnish on metal in storage. When exposed to the air, the Anti-Tarnish Tabs begin absorbing corrosive agents that harm metals. They absorb hydrogen sulfide, the main tarnish causing compound. The tabs also handle sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, hydrogen, chlorine and organic carboxylic acid.The levels of compounds in the air determines how long the Anti-Tarnish Tabs will last.

Using the tabs in a loosely seal container such as a cardboard box, jewelry box or a showcase, they will last around 6 months. The can last up to 12 months in a moderately sealed container such as an envelope. In a tightly seal container like a zip top bag, the Anti-Tarnish Tabs could last as long as 24 months.

The Tabs don't release any chemicals. They don't leave behind residue and are safe to use.

The 1" x 1" Anti-Tarnish Tabs can protect approximately 30 cu. in. of space. To use them, remove a strip from the package and place near the metal item in an enclosed space. You can use them in showcases, display cases, storage boxes, china cabinets, trophy cases, instrument cases, silverware drawers, jewelry boxes and more. Keep the unused tabs in a sealed, airtight bag.

Sold in packs of 100.


Anti Tarnish Strips - Static Intercept® 1"x1" Non-Abrasive

Our anti tarnish strips are the perfectly safe and economical way to protect silver, gold, and other metals used in jewelry and electronics, from tarnish and corrosion during shipping and storage, without scratching. They will not harm any metals or gemstones even when in direct contact (including opals, emeralds, amber, or pearls). Simply insert the Anti Tarnish Strips into jewelry boxes, pouches, or zip-lock bags and let them do the work! Static Intercept® anti tarnish strips are also anti-static, providing protection from ESD (electro static discharge) which makes them perfect for protecting electronics!

Static Intercept® anti tarnish strips from Intercept are 1" x 1" pieces of a revolutionary, break-through technology invented and patented by AT&T/Lucent Technologies for anti-corrosion/anti-tarnish applications. Intercept reacts with and permanently neutralizes the gases that cause unsightly tarnish. Store your jewelry, silver and other precious metals and keepsake items (metal and non-metallic) in a dry container. Ensure that the items to be stored are clean and place them together with a Static Intercept® strip.

Please note only physical or chemical cleaning can remove tarnish and oxidation that has already started. Intercept anti tarnish strips should provide protection for your valuables for up to 12+ months of continuous use depending on how well sealed the container is. It is advised that one (1) Intercept Technology™ 1" x 1" strip should be, under normal conditions, sufficient to provide protection for the inside of a container that measures 30 cubic inches (to calculate cubic inches, multiply length x width x depth).

*Do NOT out-gas like charcoal paper tabs or emit any gases or coatings like other poly tabs*

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