CA844 = SC20 Investment Satin Cast 44lb
CA844 = SC20 Investment Satin Cast 44lb

CA844 = SC20 Investment Satin Cast 44lb

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Article number: CA844
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The brand name of investment, Kerr Satin Cast 20, is no longer in use as Kerr Dental ceased distributing products to the jewelry industry late 2017. Now Randsom & Randolph is offering investment with the exact same formula under the name SC20. Nothing has changed but the name.

* Low temperature alloys
* Ideal for gold and silver
* Ideal thermal expansion for wax setting
* Very flexible formula can be used with all types of metals and designs
* World’s most trusted investment

SC20 investment is used to form lost-wax molds for the casting of jewelry and fine art pieces with gold, silver and other metal alloys. SC20 investment is composed primarily of powdered silica (quartz), cristobalite (a form of quartz) and a gypsum (calcium sulfate) binder. Water is mixed on-site by user prior to use to form the mold.

Mixing Instructions
1. Weigh investment.
2. Measure water.
3. Add investment to water.
4. Mix 3-3.5 minutes.
5. Vacuum 20 seconds after boil.
6. Pour into flask.
7. Vacuum up to 90 seconds.
8. Let flask sit still for 2 hours.
9. Preheat furnace 300°F (149°C). Note: do not preheat for multiple flasks.
10. Remove sprue base.
11. Load into furnace.
12. Follow appropriate burnout cycle.

SC20 investment is sold in a 44lb box.

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