80.118 = Basic Soldering Kit
80.118 = Basic Soldering Kit

80.118 = Basic Soldering Kit

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Article number: 80.118
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The perfect assortment of tools for you to use to get started in your adventure of jewelry soldering. Learn and practice the essential skill of soldering without ordering too many items you don't yet need.

The kit includes:
* A butane soldering torch (no fuel)
* Two flux brushes
* A third hand soldering stand with tweezers
* A solder pick
* Tweezers
* A 6"x6" Solderite soldering board
* Paste flux
* Copper wire solder
* Silver paste solder Easy Flow (1/4ozt)
* 8oz pickle compound
* Copper tongs

You'll need to pick up a butane refill at a local store. Get a pickle pot or mini crock pot for your pickle bath and you'll have everything you'll need to get going.

Note: Items in the kit may vary slightly due to available supply of components.

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