47.378 = ROUGE RED in a PUSH UP TUBE
47.378 = ROUGE RED in a PUSH UP TUBE

47.378 = ROUGE RED in a PUSH UP TUBE

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NO MESS NO BROKEN BARS NO WASTE. Push up cardboard tube exposes only the amount you need. Red Rouge: The most popular polishing compound in the Jewelry Industry. This compound is usually a used as a final step in polishing. Red rouge is oil-based and it tends to be greasier than most polishes; leaving more residue behind. Metal Used On: Gold, silver, brass and copper. Results: Leaves a fine, deep luster. It tends to darken the metal which can be particularly appealing on yellow metals. For best results, use after preparing the surface with pre-finish compound such as tripoli. Type of Buffs: Loose muslin, chamois or cotton flannel. Grobet "Push Up" tubes contain approximately 3-4oz. of polishing compound. 

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