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Speed Brite Ionic Cleaners are cleaners that utilize an amazing ionic, not ultrasonic, process for cleaning.  With a Speed Brite cleaning machine, you can not only clean gold, but opals, pearls, emeralds, and all other soft or water porous stones safely in one minute.

The Speed Brite does not remove metal and does not use ammonia or acids. It also does not require heat.

Made in the USA.
They have a one year manufacturer's warranty.

This Mini Brite cleaner (model 100SB) includes a round stainless mesh basket and Gem Sparkle solution.  It is powered by a 9v battery which is included.

Ionic cleaning is not dissimilar to electrostripping.  A very low voltage electrical current passes through the tank of the ionic cleaner and the jewelry piece being cleaned.  This electrical current repels dirt, grease and oils from the surface of the jewelry leaving it sparkling clean. When used on sterling silver, the electrical current is able to remove thin layer of tarnish.

The Gem Sparkle solution used with the Speed Brite Ionic Cleaners is neutral and contains no soaps.  The advantage of this is the cleaner's remarkable ability to clean soft and porous stones.  Soft stones cannot be physically damaged since there are no ultrasonic waves "attacking" the jewelry to shake loose dirt.  Porous stone won't "soak up" the cleaning solution, and dyed stones won't lose their color.

Speed Brites are the perfect cleaners for home use because of the variety of pieces they can clean.  Why have different cleaners for different jewelry pieces?  Speed Brites are the perfect cleaner for the jewelry store counter.  You or your sales help don't need to check or double check how each customer's jewelry pieces need to be cleaned.  The Speed Brite can handle them all safely.

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