DR300 = Benchtop Mini Drill Press
DR300 = Benchtop Mini Drill Press

DR300 = Benchtop Mini Drill Press

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The Mini Drill press is perfect for the small workshop.  It features a much smaller footprint and a much smaller price.

It is powered by a 110v, 100watt variable speed motor that features 3 different speed ranges that can be set by manually adjusting the placement of the drive belt.  You can have ranges of 0-5000rpm, 0-6500rpm and 0-8500rpm.  Once the range is set by adjusting the drive belt, you can use the dials peed control on the side for your speed selection.

You can even plug this drill press into an on/off foot switch for better control.

The drill press gives you better control over the speed of drilling and help you achieve "straighter" holes. You can hold the piece at the desired angle and the press will a controlled drill hole where you want it.  Better control means less broken drill bits.

The Mini Drill Press features an adjustable Jacob's chuck that can handle bits from 0.6mm up to 6.0mm (1/45" up to 15/64").

The maximum travel (up and down) for the Jacob's chuck is 1" (25.4mm).
The maximum distance between the work platform and chuck is 8" (200mm).

To hold smaller items, you can use a drill press vise but you will need long screws to secure it to the work platform.

The metal work platform is 9-1/2" x 6-3/4".
The overall height is 13-1/2".

It comes with a chuck key, hex keys for assembly and instructions


For your own safety, turn the switch=OFF" and remove
the plug from the power source outlet before maintaining
or lubricating your drill press.


Frequently blow out, using an air compressor or dust
vacuum, any dust that accumulates inside the motor.

A coat of automotive paste wax applied to the table and
column will help to keep the surface clean.


All of the drill press ball bearings are packed with grease
at the factory. They require no further lubrication.


Periodically lubricate the gear and rack, table elevation
mechanism of the spindle the rack (teeth) of the quill.


To avoid shock or fire hazard, if the power cord is worn or
cut in any way, have it replaced immediately.

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