WR119 = Coiling Gizmo Deluxe
WR119 = Coiling Gizmo Deluxe

WR119 = Coiling Gizmo Deluxe

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Article number: WR119
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The Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Make kuchi coils! It couldn't be simpler! Crank wire around the rod as pictured below and you've made a coil spring. Pull this spring off and insert a core wire. Now coil this spring around the larger rod in your kit to form a cylinder bead. Then, if you like, shape it into a bi-cone or sphere. Imagine the possibilities!

The Deluxe Coiling Gizmo includes five cranking rods (1.2, 1.6, 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8mm diameter), a bracket frame, and instructions. You can use the Coiling Gizmo with all gauges of colored wire to make beaded jewelry and other designs. Has a built-in clamp to affix it to the edge of a table.

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