VT3045 = DVD - Advanced Mokume Gane: Create More Metal Patterns
VT3045 = DVD - Advanced Mokume Gane: Create More Metal Patterns

VT3045 = DVD - Advanced Mokume Gane: Create More Metal Patterns

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Create More Metal Patterns: Advanced Mokumé Gané with Chris Ploof

You'll love this if:
  • You want to learn how to pattern mokumé gané stock at home.
  • You want to see what the final designer metal looks like when different techniques are used.
  • You want to make jewelry from mokumé gané.

    Manipulate mokumé gané
    Explore carving techniques for creating customized patterns in metal stock

    Get a look into the creative and expressive art of mokumé gané patterning as you join expert metalsmith Chris Ploof for this instructional workshop DVD. Go in-depth and explore four advanced patterning techniques that Chris has honed from years of trial and error. Discover ways to pattern mokumé gané including twisting, carving, and hammering unique shapes and designs. Plus, with up-close shots and multiple examples of each technique, you'll see which patterns you can achieve with each technique.

    Get your copy of this workshop DVD today to:
  • Learn specific considerations for refining your mokumé gané including rolling, annealing, and flattening.
  • Discover important safety measures for cutting into mokumé gané and working with power tools.
  • Explore different ways to create artistic patterns in mokumé gané by carving, twisting, and using chasing and repoussé techniques.
  • Create different decorations in your metal including repeating four-pointed stars, random ripple-like shapes, and customized designs of your own.
  • See exactly what the final look of the metal will be with up-close shots and examples of ways to modify each technique.
  • And more!

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Chris Ploof is an award-winning master jeweler who has studied with many well-known artists, and apprenticed under a master goldsmith. The Santa Fe Symposium has twice given Chris the Industry Leader Award. His work appears on the cover of Showcase 500 Rings: New Directions in Art Jewelry and in many other publications. When not traveling as a consultant, Chris can be found in his busy Massachusetts studio.


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