PM4236 = Swellegant Dye-Oxide Indigo 1oz PM4236 = Swellegant Dye-Oxide Indigo 1oz
PM4236 = Swellegant Dye-Oxide Indigo 1oz PM4236 = Swellegant Dye-Oxide Indigo 1oz

PM4236 = Swellegant Dye-Oxide Indigo 1oz

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Swellegant Indigo Dye-Oxide
Dye-Oxides are a cross between solvent based dyes and patinas. All of the colors are transparent and may be blended or layered together to achieve any color. They act rather like patinas, soaking into the other layers of your piece and transforming all the layers. You can add multiple applications to build up the tint, or just apply one to two layers for a hint of color. All the metal coatings, patinas and dye-oxides can be layered in any order, as many times as you want.  You can apply partial coatings by dabbing or splashing the color.  Go ahead and experiment.

Some prefer to use the dye oxides alone over metal, like our metal stampings. Hint: if your metal is flat and plain and lacking texture, rough it up with a little steel wool. If it is plated metal, then distress the finish with steel wool, or even an abrasive pad or block. Dye-Oxide Patinas adhere best when the metal is warmed (180-200°F).  You can heat the metal with a heat gun or an embossing gun. Remember, it will be very hot to the touch!  Carefully sponge the dye oxides onto the hot metal. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN USING DYE OXIDES. You may also submerge the piece, suspending it from a piece of wire through a hanging hole.

It takes a moment for the dye to set.  If you wish to add another coat to deepen the color, heat the piece again and reapply the Dye-Oxide.  You may continue to repeat these sets to achieve the color you like.  You can continue to heat the piece, or just let it air dry. Always be sure your metal is clean and degreased; if using plated brass, distress it a bit before adding a patina, metal coating or dye oxide.

Dye-Oxides are UV safe, non-reactive, and do not contain acids. They may be applied in any manner using any traditional hot or cold patina application technique. The Dye-Oxides adhere best when the metal is warmed (180-200°F).

Once the piece has cured completely (6-12 hours) you may apply a clear, protective sealant.

Sold in a 1oz. bottle.

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