MCB100 = BRONZclay 100g Package
MCB100 = BRONZclay 100g Package

MCB100 = BRONZclay 100g Package

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BRONZclay provides an incredible artistic range. And, because it's bronze, it's so affordable, it can be used to sculpt large pieces and create specialized tools - it can even be thrown on a potter's wheel to shape bronze hollowware. Available in 30- and generous 200-gram blocks, BRONZclay allows the artist to experiment with how far (and big!) designs can go.

BRONZclay can be pinched, rolled, sculpted and manipulated. In its dried state, it's still highly flexible and easy to carve - an ideal canvas for applying details and finishing touches prior to firing. When fired in a kiln, the binder vaporizes, leaving a solid, pure bronze object that can be sawn, shaped, drilled, sanded, patinaed or soldered using traditional jewelry tools and techniques.


This exciting medium offers a new world of possibilities for jewelry makers, artists and sculptors.

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