CE712 = Ice Resin Refills 8oz Bottles
CE712 = Ice Resin Refills 8oz Bottles

CE712 = Ice Resin Refills 8oz Bottles

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Article number: CE712 ice resin 8 oz
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Ice Resin is a crystal clear, jeweler's grade 2-part resin that can be used in jewelry, craft and art projects.  It stays clear and doesn't break down.  It is non-toxic and safe to use indoors and ideal for projects you wish to preserve.

Ice Resin can be used to add a new dimension to your work.  Use it to add depth and strength to your project.  Since it is clear, it can be used to cover an image.  Mix it with media such as glitter, mica, sand, paper even seeds or spices (go ahead and experiment) for a beautiful layered results.  Ice Resin can even be colored.

The curing process can be done under a desk lamp.  After 6 hours of drying you can begin layering with Ice Resin. The resin will completely cure in about 3 days.

This pack contains 8oz. each of the resin and hardener.  Doesn't include stir sticks or measuring cups.  So order those if you need them.  Makes 16oz.

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