CD44918K = Beadalon 49  .018"  10 FT Spool Gold Plated
CD44918K = Beadalon 49  .018"  10 FT Spool Gold Plated

CD44918K = Beadalon 49 .018" 10 FT Spool Gold Plated

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Article number: CD44918K
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Beadalon wire .015" or .018" is considered the most versatile sizes for making necklaces, bracelets and anklets using medium to heavy gemstones, crystals, seed beads or glass and metal beads.


Beadalon49 combines the soft, supple feel of thread with the strength and longevity of stainless steel. This bead stringing wire is the softest, most flexible product Beadalon produces. It was designed specifically for stringing ceramic, glass, metal, stone beads, seed beads, and freshwater pearls.


Beadalon49 allows designs to drape naturally, without kinking. Forty-nine miniature strands of stainless steel are stranded together and then nylon coated. The smooth nylon coating provides excellent abrasion resistance, prevents kinking, prolongs life, and provides color.


You can make all the necessary attachments using standard knots or with crimp beads. With Beadalon49 there is no reason to use a beading needle to string beads.


Made in USA.

Softest, most supple

Maximum flexibility

Maximum drape

Maximum kink resistance

Maximum abrasion resistance

Superior strength


Color = 24k Gold Plated

Size = 0.18" (0.468mm)

Breaking strength = 26 lb.

Spool size = 10 ft. 

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