CD40718SG = Beadalon 7  .018"  SILVERGOLD 30 FT Spool
CD40718SG = Beadalon 7  .018"  SILVERGOLD 30 FT Spool

CD40718SG = Beadalon 7 .018" SILVERGOLD 30 FT Spool

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Article number: CD40718SG
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Beadalon wire .015" or .018" is considered the most versatile sizes for making necklaces, bracelets and anklets using medium to heavy gemstones, crystals, seed beads or glass and metal beads.


New SilverGold is made by stranding silver color and gold color wires together.

The popular two-tones combine to create a wire with a rich, distinctive finish and a brilliant shine.


Use SilverGold wire with silver plated and gold plated findings for an exquisite, elegant new look.  7 strand SilverGold is a Beadalon Exclusive and the newest product in the "Metallic Color Series".

The wire holds its shape well, is easy to work with, and makes jewelry that lasts.


Beadalon7 is incredibly fine diameter 7 strand stainless steel wire with a smooth, kink resistant nylon coating.

This wire is softer, stronger and more flexible than Tiger Tail and can be used for most general beading designs.

You can attach this wire using crimp beads.


Beadalon 7 will drape more naturally and last longer than those made on Tiger Tail.

Compare Beadalon 7 to Tiger Tail and you'll discover why Beadalon is quickly becoming the choice of professional designers and craftspeople.


Made in USA.

Softer than tigertail

Good flexibility

Good drape

Good kink resistance

Good abrasion resistance

Excellent strength


Color = SilverGold

Size = 0.18" (0.46mm)

Breaking strength = 15lb.

Spool size = 30ft.

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