CA2050 = Artisan 688 Oven with Set Pro Controller
CA2050 = Artisan 688 Oven with Set Pro Controller

CA2050 = Artisan 688 Oven with Set Pro Controller

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Artisan 668 with Set Pro Controller is Compact and Fast

The Artisan 688 is designed to be compact and fast. The 688 is engineered for the artist making mokume, pocket folding blades or jewelry. It's also perfect for custom jewelers, metal clay artists and small machine shops that require heat treating for prototype or small part production runs.

Artisan 688 features include our exclusive Rampmaster control, swing-out door for cool operation and cool touch handle.

SetPro Control - The Artisan is available with our Set-Pro, 3 button control.

The Set-Pro offers 4 programs with up to 8 segments per program.
Programming is easy and not difficult to master.

Side Opening Door - Working in the heat is fun, trying to avoid it isn't. Doors that swing down throw off massive amounts of heat just below the chamber entrance. Our side hinged doors swing out to the left to keep the heat away for more cool and comfortable use. It's an excellent design choice that makes all the difference.

Room to Work - The Artisan 688 chamber measures 6" High x 8" Wide x 8" Deep. It offers plenty of room for a variety of work including folders and lends itself well to all forms of jewelry.

Mokume Gane artists will appreciate the efficiency of the 688. The small chamber heats up fast and the fiber insulation keeps energy costs down for the long soaks required for Mokume production.

Out of Harm's Way - The control is positioned to the right of the heating chamber to keep it safe from potential damage caused by loading and unloading of hot material.

Vented Chamber - The firing chamber of the Artisan 688 is vented and is equipped with a vent plug. Venting is desirable during many heat processes, particularly lost wax casting.

Standard Household Plug - The Studio Pro STP is designed for use on standard household voltage and current. Simply plug into any dedicated household receptacle and you're ready to go.

Swing View Adjustable Control - The Swing View Adjustable Control is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows the user to rotate the Rampmaster control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. It's that simple. You're going to really enjoy this feature. The Swing View Adjustable Control is stock equipped on the Artisan 688.

Cool Touch Handle - Evenheat designed the Artisan 688 with a non-metallic, Cool Touch handle that stays cool throughout the process. It's one less thing to worry about in the heat of battle.

Hard Floor Insert - The Artisan 688 is supplied with a refractory shelf that acts as a hard floor. While most work is not destructive to the standard fiber floor, Mokume torque plate fixtures can be rough. The hard floor protects against abrasion and is replaceable.

Powder Coat Finish - The exterior of the Artisan 688 is finished in an appealing powder coat finish. Powder coating is a finishing method that provides great looks with greater protection against scuffs and scratches than paint. Powder coating has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly to apply.

Embedded Heating Elements - The heating elements of the Artisan 688 are completely embedded within the chamber fiber for safety.

The Artisan 688 is capable of all heat treating and firing processes up to 2000°F (1093°C).

Acceptable materials include metal processing, glass, metal clays, low fire ceramics, enamels and china paint.

Chamber size: 8"W x 6"H x 8"D (20.3cm W x 15.2cm H x 20.3cm D)
Operating Voltage: 120V
Amperage: 12A
Watts: 1400W

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