CA2045 = Oven Studio Pro with Set Pro Controller & Window
CA2045 = Oven Studio Pro with Set Pro Controller & Window

CA2045 = Oven Studio Pro with Set Pro Controller & Window

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Studio Pro: The Ultimate Metal Clay Kiln


The Studio Pro features our Dual Access Design. The Dual Access Design combines traditional front and top loading features into one, truly revolutionary kiln.


The Studio Pro gives you all the advantages of both front and top access in a single, dual hinged design that's smooth and precise. The Studio Pro offers more in performance and flexibility than any other kiln in its class.



Front Access - Front access gives you wide open access to the kiln floor and is perfect for placing your metal clay designs without disrupting them. There's no need to transfer your fragile work into a walled or front loading kin. Simply place your work on the open floor and close the chamber.


Power Cord Exits to Rear - The 120V, standard household power cable on the Studio Pro exits the control panel to the rear. This keeps it away from the kiln chamber and doesn't clutter up your work area.


Excellent Handles - Who thinks of handles? Well, Evenheat does. The lid handle was chosen for its long, narrow style and offset mounting position. It's perfect for hooking your fingers underneath to lift and lower. As a bonus, the lid handle may be moved to the other side of the lid if you prefer.

The chamber handle is a different style all together. It's beefy, centered design gives a confident grip for the opening and closing of the firing chamber.


Top Access - Top access is excellent for venting. For those who also fire glass, top access works very well when loading tall pieces such as forms and comes in very handy when using manipulation tools that require a vertical approach such as glass embossing.


Disassembly Not Required - The Studio Pro is designed as a complete unit. There are no parts to remove in order to use it. Both the Lid and Chamber are hinged and simply swing open and closed.


Smooth Hinge Action - There are never any alignment problems when closing the Studio Pro for firing. Both the lid and chamber come down in the same place every time, all the time. There's no guessing, no messing and no bumping, just a butter smooth transition.


Multi-Position Lid Vent - The Studio Pro is fitted with a two position lid vent. Lid venting is great when you're firing off adhesives or binders. It's also great for speeding up the cooling process. The lid vent on the Studio Pro positions the lid at approximately 1/2" and 1". Just lift and swivel to the height you want.


Standard Household Plug - The Studio Pro STP is designed for use on standard household voltage and current. Simply plug into any dedicated household receptacle and you're ready to go.


Set Pro Controller with Metal Clay Presets -The Set-Pro is loaded with 10 pre-set metal clay firing programs for quick and easy programming (5 for use with Art Clay and 5 for use with PMC). Simply choose your clay style and you're ready to go. Programming has never been so simple and so accurate.


Pre-set metal clay programs include Art Clay Silver Standard, Art Clay Silver Standard Slow Dry, Art Clay 650/1200 Low Fire, Art Clay 650/1200 Low Fire Slow Dry, Art Clay Copper, PMC Standard, PMC+, PMC3 (slow), PMC3 (fast) and PMC Gold.


For general firing the Set-Pro also contains 4 user programs, each with 8 segments, that allow you to decide the firing details.


As with all of our controls, the Set-Pro is manufactured exclusively for Evenheat by Bartlett Instrument Company in Iowa. Bartlett enjoys a well deserved reputation as the finest control supplier on the market. They perform very well indeed.


The Studio Pro is capable of all firings up to 1800°F (982°C).

Acceptable materials include glass, metal clays, metal processing, low fire ceramics, enamels and china paint.


Chamber size: 8"W x 8"L x 4-1/2"D (20.3cm W x 20.3cm L x 11.4cm D)

Operating Voltage: 120V

Amperage: 12A

Watts: 1400W


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