CA1949C = Cowdery Wax CATCH - BLUE
CA1949C = Cowdery Wax CATCH - BLUE

CA1949C = Cowdery Wax CATCH - BLUE

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Cowdery Profiles by Ferris were uniquely designed to save jewelry designers significant time creating prong settings, clasps, hinges or other complex shapes quickly and easily.


The new Cowdery Profiles are a hard carving wax made from the world renown Ferris File-a-Wax.

Available in either Ferris purple (medium) or blue (soft), the Cowdery Profiles by Ferris are specially designed, precision-formed wax extrusions that can be used individually or in combinations. Only your imagination will limit the design possibilities.


You can more easily incorporate pieces with a better fit because they go right into the wax. This will give the finished piece a more naturally rather than assemble look.


The line presently includes fourteen different profiles.

These 5" long, precision extruded wax pieces are sold, one color and size, in convenient plastic tubes of 6 pieces.

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