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Silver Wire Fusing- By Liz Jones


Silver jewelry is a classic accessory that never goes out of style. Crafters and jewelry makers will learn to create dazzling silver designs with Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire Fusing, an all-in-one guide to a no-muss, no-fuss version of silversmithing.

Since less equipment is required-fine silver is heated with a torch to fuse it without solder-it is a very cost-effective way to learn basic metalsmithing skills, making it more accessible and affordable for the average crafter. Even the most basic beginner and the most experienced jewelry maker will find silver fusing to be fun, easy to master, and extremely inspiring and addictive. Make stunning projects right on your kitchen table! Liz Jones, a jewelry designer and silver fusing teacher at Fusion Beads in Seattle, Washington, takes the beginner through all the necessary steps in this workshop-in-a book that combines technique-building exercises with great projects, all shown through detailed step-by-step photography.


Begin with essential tools and materials and setting up a work space, then move into basic techniques like hammering, tumbling and professional finishing, fusing a ring, and creating basic chain. Once you've mastered these foundation skills, it's time to take it up a notch and learn how to fuse large circles, fuse a bail on heavy wire gauges, fuse with cubic zirconia, work with fine gauges, and understand sizing formulas for rings. Projects include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pins, but don't stop there. Once you've learned to use your fuse, you'll soon have a jewelry box filled with gorgeous handmade silver creations!


TABLE OF CONTENTS- Introduction: Welcome to the Jewelry Studio!

Chapter 1: Tools and Materials - The Essentials - Setting Up Your Work Space

Chapter 2: Fusing Fundamentals - Wielding Your Torch - Filling Your Torch - Lighting Your Torch - Practice -- Ball Head Pins -- Making the Cut -- Fusing a Ring -- Hammering Metal -- Tumbling and Professional Finishing -- Basic Chain --- Fusing Chain -- Fusing and Assembling Fine Silver -- Fusing with Cubic Zirconia Beads --- Working with a Briolette

Chapter 3: Putting It All Together - Cha-Cha Earrings - Arm Candy Oval Bracelet - Wormhole Earrings - Black Tie Cubic Zirconia Necklace

Chapter 4: Taking It to the Next Level - Heart Attack Hammered Bracelet - Livin' large Hammered Pendant - Coiled, Embellished, and Hammered Rings -- Blingin' Button Ring -- Textured Band -- Coiled Ring -- Sizing Formula for Rings - Angled Dangle Earrings - Totally Money Stamped Bracelet - Deceptively Simple Necklace - Shooting Star Earrings - Keys to My Heart Keychain - Thai One On Component Necklace - My Mom's Favorite CZ Earrings - Bike Chain Bracelet - Two-Tone Gold Chain - In Orbit Earrings - Going Organic Necklace The Gallery - Basic Techniques -

Resources - Index


Soft cover - 119pg.

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