Best Built TM1011 = Magnetic Tumbler for 5-8 Rings 4-3/8'' Bowl
Best Built TM1011 = Magnetic Tumbler for 5-8 Rings 4-3/8'' Bowl

TM1011 = Magnetic Tumbler for 5-8 Rings 4-3/8'' Bowl

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Magnetic finishing presents itself as the pinnacle of methods to efficiently burnish and polish small non-ferrous metals such as gold and silver. With steel media as small as .010" in diameter and .25" in length, this finisher is able to work in areas such as undercuts, recesses, slots, etc. No other method works as well.

Centrifugal magnetic tumbler is quiet compared to other forms of finishing. Typically on soft, non-ferrous metals, the finishing cycle can be as short as 30 minutes. This alone assures a faster turn around time on parts compared to any other method.

Centrifugal magnetic finishing addresses the most intricate and detailed parts imaginable.

It should be noted that on any large, smooth, flat surfaces the finish will appear frosted. A light buffing or a run through a dry tumbler is recommended.
A centrifugal magnetic finisher is a direct drive, fan cooled design. The magnetic disk is made up of many powerful magnets that are precisely placed on a cast disk. The alternating polarity is constantly changing, thereby allowing the media to move freely in a liquid solution that is constantly changing its makeup. This combined with the centrifugal force allows for super quiet and fast time cycles.

The MT-02 centrifugal magnetic finisher features a 4-3/8" diameter clear removable bowl that will hold 5 to 8 rings. The unit measures approximately 11-7/8"H x 6-5/8"W x 7-3/8"D (with bowl) and weighs about 14lbs. It has a 60 minute timer, on/off switch with indicator. It is powered by a 40watt motor.

Approximately 90g of 0.8mm magnetic pins are included.

How does a magnetic tumbler work?
A magnetic tumbler uses thousands of teeny tiny little steel pins to do its job.  These pins (just a fraction of a millimeter in diameter) act like thousands of little hammers that pound against the surface of your jewelry.  They are burnishing your pieces but on a very small scale. The pins can get into the smallest and crevices.  The result is a piece that is bright and shiny, work-hardened and finished while you did other work, and its all done more quickly that rotary or vibratory tumblers.  Also there is no loss of metal since the burnishing is not an abrasive process.

Using A Magnetic Tumbler
Tips on Using Your Magnetic Tumbler

*Do not use all the shot provided with the unit at once. There is always a bit of experimentation involved in the first few uses. As a starting point, place approximately 1/4 lb of the stainless steel shot in the plastic container for every 10 rings.

*After you have placed the shot in the bowl, fill it with water to between 1/3 and 1/2 full.

*Put tumbling soap / burnishing solution in the water.

*Put in your jewelry and run the machine for about 40 minutes.

*After your first "tumble", you should have an understanding of what you have to do to obtain the finish you require. Once you have established the proportions and tumbling times that give you the desired results, you will be able to consistently obtain the same results over and over.


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