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Pearl Buying Guide: How to Identify and Evaluate Pearls and Pearl Jewelry
By Renee Newman GG. Initially published in 1992, the Pearl Buying Guide was the first book to give consumers details on judging pearl quality and value. The 207 new color photos in this updated 5th edition show new types of pearls, clasps and jewelry styles. Updated information has been provided on natural pearls, treatments, cultivation and identification techniques, and a brief chapter on antique pearl jewelry has been added.

Written for both consumers and professionals, the Pearl Buying Guide gives step by step visual pointers on how to select flattening pearls that will give you maximum enjoyment. Library Journal described a previous edition of the Pearl Buying Guide as: "An interesting and easy-to-understand guide to buying, evaluating, selecting and caring for pearls and pearl jewelry. The opening chapters point out common mistakes made when buying pearls. Other chapters focus on evaluating pearl types and shapes, luster, nacre thickness, color, flaws, size, and make.

Additional chapters cite differences in South Sea, black, and freshwater pearls as well as imitation, natural and cultured pearls. The closing chapters highlight the proper way to care for pearls as well as creative ways to wear them. The many photographs are valuable in illustrating the characteristics of and differences among pearls.

Overall the guide is useful to all types of readers." The San Jose Mercury News said "If you're thinking of investing in pearls, invest $20 first in the Pearl Buying Guide by Renée Newman. Even if you already own pearls, this book has good tips on care and great ideas on different ways to wear pearls." A reporter for the Boston Herald wrote: "With loads of photos to illustrate her points, Newman tells readers how to check a pearl's luster, nacre, color, and flaws . . . a gem-dandy guide to picking right-price pearls."


Chapter 1: Curious Facts About Pearls

Chapter 2: Pearl Price Factors in a Nutshell

Chapter 3: Pearl Types

Pearl Types
Pearls Produced by Snails

Chapter 4: Pearl ShapesSouth Seas White, Golden and Black Pearl
Judging Pearl Shapes

Chapter 5: Judging Luster & Nacre Thickness
What is Pearl Luster?
What Determines Luster?
Judging Luster
How Lighting Affects Luster
Judging Nacre Thickness
Is Nacre Thickness Important and Does It Affect Pricing?

Chapter 6: Judging ColorPearl Color
Judging Pearl Color
How Lighting Affects Pearl Color
What Causes Pearl Color?
Pearls the Wedding Jewel
What color is Best for You?

Chapter 7: Judging Surface Quality
Pearl Blemishes
Determining Which Blemishes Are Acceptable and Which Aren't
Tips on Judging Surface Quality
Grading Surface Quality

Chapter 8: Size, Weight, & Length

Chapter 9: Judging Make
Chapter 10: South Sea Pearls (White & Yellow)
Price Factors

Chapter 11: Black PearlsPrice Factors

Chapter 12: Freshwater Pearls
Price Factors

Chapter 13: Pearl Treatments
Natural Color or Not?

Chapter 14: Imitation or Not?
Types of Imitation Pearls
Tests That Require No Equipment Other Than a Magnifier
Tests That Require Special Equipment

Chapter 15: Natural or Cultured?
Tests a Layperson Can Do
Other Tests

Chapter 16: Antique Pearl Jewelry

Chapter 17: Choosing the Clasp

Chapter 18: Versatile Ways to Wear a Strand of Pearls

Chapter 19: Creating Unique Pearl Jewelry with Colored Gems

Chapter 20: Caring for Your Pearls
Cleaning Your Pearls
Storing Your Pearls
Having Your Pearls Strung
Miscellaneous Tips

Chemicals, Physical, & Optical Properties of Pearls

Soft cover - 154pg.

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