Horotec 59.3621 = Horotec Multi Purpose Tool
Horotec 59.3621 = Horotec Multi Purpose Tool

59.3621 = Horotec Multi Purpose Tool

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Article number: 59.3621
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This Horotec multi purpose tool comes with 17 interchangeable keys for screw-on pushers or tubes, oscillating weight bolt and battery cover.

It can be used on Rolex®, Breitling, Omega and Swatch movements.

The kit features 17 keys, the master handle and a weighted storage base to keep all of the items organized and accessible.

These tool bits are for Horotec Generic Rolex® Tubes:
MSA-03.620-01 works on MSA-65.001
MSA-03.620-02 works for MSA-65.002
MSA-03.620-03 works for MSA-65.003
MSA-03.620-04 works for MSA-65.004
MSA-03.620-05 works for MSA-65.005
MSA-03.620-06 works for MSA-65.006.

These tool bits are for some Horotec Pushers:
MSA-03.620-203 works on Pushers MSA-61.203 and MSA-61.703
MSA-03.620-207 works on Pushers MSA-61.207 and MSA 61.707.

The MSA-03.620-P3, MSA-03.620-P27, and MSA-03.620-P39 are the same as the Bergeon 5901-P3, 5901-P27 and 5901-P39, which is mostly used on Omega pushers.

These tool bits are used on the Oscillating Weight Bolts of the ETA 2892 and Val. 7750:
MSA-03.620-2892 works on the ETA 2892 and MSA-03.620-7750 works on the Val. 7750.

The MSA-03.620-GENT, MSA-03.620-LADY, and MSA-03.620-MED tool bits are used to open the cell hatches of Gents, Ladies and Medium Swatch watches.

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