511-3.0 = HEAD TUBE 3mm 14ky
511-3.0 = HEAD TUBE 3mm 14ky

511-3.0 = HEAD TUBE 3mm 14ky

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Article number: 511-3.0
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Round Tube Bezel Setting


This 14K yellow gold tube setting holds a round gemstone.  A pre-cut seat provides a starting place for the stone setting process to help ensure level setting. The setting is made from a tube with a wall thick enough for a seat to be cut in the interior. 


Once the stone is in place, the setting is finished much like a bezel where the walls are pushed inward and burnished over the girdle of the stone to hold in securely in place.  Though this head is precision die struck, finishing will need to be done after the stone is set.


Metal: 14KY


Stone size: 0.11ct


Inner dia: 3.00mm


Outer dia: 3.56mm


Setting height: 2.6mm

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