47.0106 = Ground Corn Cob Tumbling Media (5lb)
47.0106 = Ground Corn Cob Tumbling Media (5lb)

47.0106 = Ground Corn Cob Tumbling Media (5lb)

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A dry tumbling media used in final finishing. It can be used alone or as a carrier of a finishing compound. This tumbler media produces a high luster when tumbled for 12 - 24 hours. It absorbs most moisture and leaves little residue.Use this media dry. You don't need to add any tumbling soaps or burnishing solutions.

It can be used in a rotary tumbler, but a vibratory tumbler will give you the best results. Fill the tumbler's bowl or barrel with enough media so that your workpieces won't come into contact with each other. Don't fill the bowl or barrel more than 90% full and be aware of the tumbler's weight limit.

Lifespan of your media depends greatly on how much work it does. The dirtier the media gets, the less effective it becomes. You will need to be observant and note when the media is not performing as well as it should. It's then time for new stuff!

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