36.183 = GRAVER - ROUND #53 - 1.0mm
36.183 = GRAVER - ROUND #53 - 1.0mm

36.183 = GRAVER - ROUND #53 - 1.0mm

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Preferred for use on gold, silver, platinum and steel. These gravers can be modified for use with all power assisted engraving systems and handpieces including GRS and Foredom systems.CARBON STEEL - High grade, tempered for use on precious and semi-precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc. Also suitable for use on wood, bone and onyx. They will not hold an edge as long as high speed steel, but they are easier to sharpen. The Grobet name means SUPERIOR quality.

We sell several types of graver handles and graver sharpeners for use with this graver.

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