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Mizar Electronic Gold Tester (Model ET18) 10K,14K,18K (Special Order)

Mizar Electronic Gold Tester (Model ET18) 10K,14K,18K (Special Order)

Item# TS2006

This item is Special Order.
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RS Mizar Electronic Gold Testers
Utilizing the latest technology developed by RS MIZAR, these electronic gold testers accurately and quickly determine gold karat value. They aid in identifying platinum and help distinguish non-gold and gold plate from gold items. These testers are reliable, fast, safe, and portable.

These testers are quick and easy to use. Each machine is powered by a 9 volt battery and comes with its own chemical kit. To test an item, take the included chemical and place a few drops into the testing well on the face of the unit. The label on the chemical bottle indicates how many drops to use in case you forget. Because you use just a few drops of testing chemical, the bottles last a long time. Next clip the item to be tested to the alligator clip lead. Then touch the piece to the drops of chemical in the testing well. A circuit is completed and the tester will light up indicating the karat of the item. You can test several items in succession on the same few drops of chemical.

The test may leave a small discolored mark on the item which can be rubbed away with a eraser (which is provided). The piece is otherwise unharmed. The RS MIZAR testers are great for purchasing jewelry, spot checking inventory, and verifying repair work.

The ET18 features a testing range of "not gold", 10K, 14K and 18K. A white/yellow gold settings switch allows the machine to be a little more discriminating when testing.

#TS2002 Replacement chemical kit

FDJ On Time cannot take returns on electronic gold testers

How to Use Mizar Electronic Gold Testers

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