Ring Guard Solution - Improved!

Item# RG112
New and Improved Ring Guard Solution
Solves the annoying problem of rings that slip, slide, twist or just fall off your finger. Works on all sizes of rings. Can also be used on clip earrings to ease pinching.

The product is applied to the inside of the band. The solution dries to a solid white soft plastic. You now have a secure fitting ring with no visible plastic or metal showing on the outer surface of the band.

To remove Ring Guard Solution just peel off!

Ring Guard Solution can also be applied to the pad of clip earrings to add comfort, prevent slipping and to ease pinching in place of using slip pads or adhesive foam pads.

One tube contains 5.5 grams which is more than adequate for a number of rings (approximately 5 dozen plus) or rings and clip earrings.

* Easy to use!
* Works on all sizes of rings!
* Nothing shows on the outside of ring!
* Provides a secure and comfortable fit!
* Solution is white!
* Ring Guard Solution dries to a white soft plastic!
* Join two rings together!
* Last for months!
* Bath, shower, wash dishes, swim etc.!
* Makes a unique gift!
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