Tronex 5613 Large Oval Head Razor Flush Cutter - Short Handle

Item# PL35613
Tronex Oval Head Razor Flush Cutters #5613 with Short Handle
These are some big ol' cutters!

Tronex tools are manufactured with the highest quality right here in the USA. The pliers have outstanding precision; the sidecutters are nearly unmatched in durability and sharpness. Read further to get more details. But when you hold a Tronex tool in your hand, you will feel how remarkable they really are.

Razor Flush is the name Tronex uses for the edge finish on their exceptional cutters. Tronex Razor Flush cutters are finished with a delicate grinding operation to make them smooth, sharp, and in perfect alignment. The two edges come together much like two razor blades in opposition.
  • The longer and wider oval head increases the cutting capacity
  • High-grade alloy steel cutting edges induction hardened to 63-65 Rockwell C hardness
  • Matte finish on metal parts to reduce glare
  • Cushioned handle grips for increased comfort
  • Dual leaf spring to cut down on hand fatigue
  • Handle length is short
  • Made in the USA

Overall length: 5.38"
Jaw length: 0.56"
Cutting strength: Soft wire up to 14ga (16ga at the tip!).

Use soft metals such as sterling silver, gold, copper, etc. Do Not Use on hard wire or items such as Memory Wire and steel wire. Tronex cutters have jaws hard enough to cut beading wire like Beadalon and Soft Flex, but you might not want to use your razor flush cutters. Standared Tronex flush cutters will work just fine.

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