Tronex 544 Short Flat Nose Pliers - Short Handle

Item# PL30544
Tronex Flat Short Nose Pliers #544 with Short Handle
Used for holding and gripping in jewelry and wirework, these American-made pliers have exceedingly exceptional quality.

Tronex tools are manufactured with the highest quality right here in the USA. The pliers have outstanding precision; the sidecutters are nearly unmatched in durability and sharpness. Read further to get more details. But when you hold a Tronex tool in your hand, you will feel how remarkable they really are.

  • Short jaws for greater control
  • Edges are "eased" with a bevel
  • Inner jaw is smooth to minimize marring
  • Matte finish on metal parts to reduce glare
  • Cushioned handle grips for increased comfort
  • Dual leaf spring to cut down on hand fatigue
  • Handle length is short
  • Made in the USA

Overall length: 5.0"
Jaw length: 0.7"
Tip size: 0.8 x 3.7mm at tip

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