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A wax pen you just can't live without. The touch control of this wax pen heats only when you grasp the metal collar and stays on as long as you hold it. When you are finished, set the pen down and it shuts off automatically. But there is more...
  • Adjustable heat range with LED indicator display
  • Immediate heat response (up to 800deg F - larger tips may not reach maximum temperature)
  • 4 interchangeable, color nichrome tips (black, green, red, blue) with holders built into the case
  • Power switch with indicator light
  • Tip heating indicator light right in the pen. Always know when the pen is heating
  • Wax pen holder on side
  • Touch-A-matic control ring on pen that heats pen only when the pen is grasped
  • On/off switch for the Touch-A-matic control allowing you to keep the handpiece always on if you want
  • New, modern design
  • 115/220V converter switch

Touch-A-Matic Wax Pen Tip Set
A set of all 9 nichrome wax working tips...
Touch-A-Matic Wax Pen Tips
Individual nichrome wax working tips...
Touch-A-Matic Replacement Pen
Replacement pen and tips...
Touch-A-matic Lighted Pen
Touch-A-matic Tip Heating

  • Brand / Manufacturer : PEPE Tools
  • Country of Origin : USA
  • Manufacturer's Part Number : #273.500N
  • Warranty : One year manufacturer's warranty
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