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The Hydroflux welder is the perfect tool for the jeweler. Not only is it ideal for anyone restricted by regulations regarding the use of fuel tanks(such as shopping malls), but it is a step above in safety and versatility.

The HydroFlux is an oxyhydrogen generator that operates by converting distilled water into an oxygen/hydrogen fuel gas. The HydroFlux Welder creates gas on a demand basis. This means that there is no potentially dangerous stored gas.

Because the HydroFlux Welder burns a gas that has a high hydrogen content, it produces what is referred to as a "reducing" flame. What this means is that the flame of the HydroFlux Welder will actually eliminate oxides to some extent. Because it reduces or eliminates oxidation, soldering with the HydroFlux Welder is much cleaner than what can be achieved with traditional torches.

Because of the nature of the hydrogen fuel, the Hydroflux torch produces extremely hot, extremely small flames (somes flames so small they are invisible to the naked eye). The advantage to this intense heat is the ability to weld metals such as platinum eliminating the need for solder. Of course with intense heat comes the ability to accidently melt any gold or silver piece you attempting to solder. Practice is an absolute must.

Unit comes complete and ready to go with Hydroflux body, torch handle with hoses and tips, electrolyte solution, flux, filter material and instructions.

Note, this package ships in multiple boxes.

Hydroflux Electrolyte Solution
A replacement 1qt bottle...
Hydroflex Flux
A replacement 1qt bottle...
Filter Material
Replacement bag...
Torch Tip Set
Set of 8 replacement tips...

Replacement parts
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