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Item# BK5367
Jewelry Upcycled!
By Sherri Haab
Before you recycle that soda bottle, scrap that old T-shirt, or toss that broken china plate, ask yourself: “Could I use this to make something fabulous?” Impossible? Think again!

In Jewelry Upcycled!, jewelry expert and bestselling author Sherri Haab has teamed up with daughter Michelle Haab to show you how to transform metal, glass, plastic, fabric, and found objects—items you might otherwise recycle or throw away—into fun and exciting jewelry designs.

Explore the creative possibilities of these everyday materials in resourceful and innovative ways: Repurpose plastic bottles into pretty charms, turn broken cassette tapes into braided bracelets, and fashion one-of-a-kind pendants with found objects.

Soft cover - 144pg.

1. Essentials Tools, Materials, and Techniques
- Materials for Upcycling
- Jewelry-making Basics
- Wireworking Techniques
- Tools for Cutting, Piercing, and Punching
- Glues and Adhesives

2. Upcycled Metal and Wire
- Working with Recycled Metal
- Decorative Tin Jewelry
- Silver Spoon Necklace
- Beaded Telephone Wire Necklace
- Upcycled Metal Gallery

3. Upcycled Plastic
- Working with Recycled Plastics
- Gift Card Jewelry
- Crocheted Plastic Bag Bracelet
- Shampoo Bottle Bead Charm Bracelet
- Bubble Wrap Necklace
- Braided Cassette Tape Bracelet
- Upcycled Plastic Gallery

4. Upcycled Glass and Ceramics
- Working with Recycled Glass and Ceramics
- Tumbled Glass Pendants
- China Plate Charm
- Molded Fused Glass Pendant
- Upcycled Glass and Ceramic Gallery

5. Upcycled Fabric and Leather
- Working with Recycled Fabric and Leather
- T-shirt Rose Jewelry
- Felted Sweater Pins
- Purse or Belt Strap Cuff Bracelet
- Jean Label Jewelry
- Upcycled Fabric and Leather Gallery

. Upcycling Found Objects
- Working with Found Objects
- Stamped Metal and Found Object Necklace
- Found Tin Bezel and Tiny Toy Ring
- Sewing Snap Jewelry
- Resin Clay Electronics Scrap Ring
- Upcycled Found Objects Gallery

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