Fretz Mini Wheel Stake Set #12

Item# AN8012
Fretz #12 H-2i Series Mini Wheel Stake Set
The Fretz #12 Mini Wheel Stake Set is a special group of insert stakes. The wide selection of wheel sizes makes it easy to dome flat rings or short lengths of tubing into domed shapes.  This group of very small stakes fit into the H-2 Holder that in turn fits into the H-1 Holder

The set #12 includes:

Micro Stake Tool Holder
Holds Fretz micro stakes for the standard stake holder...
Stake Tool Holder
Fretz standard stake holder...
Wood Vise Block
Screw your stake holder to this wood block...

The S-2 Wood Stake Stand is useful for keeping your H-2i stakes organized.

Fretz miniature stakes are manufactured from hardened 420 stainless steel and feature highly polished work surfaces. Their size fits the demands of the bench jeweler and fabricator who often need high quality tools for smaller applications. Fretz stakes can be easily customized to specific needs with files and abrasive paper

  • Brand / Manufacturer : Fretz Tools
  • Country of Origin : Vietnam
  • Manufacturer's Part Number : SET 12
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