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EVE Silicone Abrasive Polishers is a German line of polishing wheels and abrasive used worldwide.  These long lasting abrasives can be used with both precious (gold and silver) and semi-precious (brass and copper) metals.  For best results, use a light touch; let the abrasive do the work.  Available in 4 color-coded grits.

WHITE (Coarse - 100 grit) is aggressive, rapidly removing scratches and preparing the surface for polishing. The abrasive give the wheels a noticeable sparkle.

BLACK (Medium - 220 grit) is less aggressive than white but made of a more durable rubber.

BLUE (Fine - 800 grit) polishes to a high luster. Blue abrasives provide no cutting action.

PINK (Extra Fine - 1200 grit) is for a final polish. It brings your metal to a very high luster.

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