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Abrasives & Sanding

Polishing jewelry is one of the most important parts of jewelry making. We stock a full line of jewelry

polishing abrasives to remove scratches and polish your jewelry to a high shine.

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Abrasive Paper and Cloth
Jewelry abrasive paper, jewelry sand paper and emery paper are a standard in the jewelry industry. The abrasive paper can be used for gold jewelry, silver jewelry, metal clay and much more. We stock a variety of styles and manufacturers to cover your needs.

Aluminum Oxide Abrasives from 3M
3M ALUMINUM OXIDE is widely used as a coarse and fine abrasive. The most common form of aluminum oxide is called corundum. Its low heat retention makes it ideal for grinding. 3M uses sharp, resin bonded aluminum oxide grain that provides a fast, continuous cut and long-life performance. The abrasive is uniformly applied for a fine, consistent finish. Use on metal or wood, wet or dry.

Belt Sander and Belts
Belt sanders provide cutting power and ease-of-use to those large or difficult polishing jobs. The sanders can be bench mounted giving control and freedom of movement when handling your work pieces. A variety of abrasive belts are available depending on the level of cutting you need.

Brightboy Abrasives
Brightboy Abrasives are for cleaning, polishing and finishing. The wheels are made from natural rubber with graded pumice grain evenly distributed to assure uniform results. Light action produces a smooth finish on soft metals.

Bristle Discs from 3M
3M Radial Bristle Discs are a unique design in polishing and cleaning that is superior to sand paper, flap wheels, and other types of abrasive wheels. These Cubitron and aluminum oxide impregnated discs feature flexible bristles that can be used for cleaning, pre-polishing, blending, and texturing. They can be used on precious and semi-precious metals. The discs are flexible and thin enough to get into crevices and small places. To cover larger areas, stack several discs together.  There is also no clean up from messy polishing compounds.

The 3M Radial Bristle Discs are also color coded according to grit so that you can more easily find and use the best disc for the job.  Made in the USA.

Cool Wheels

Cool wheels have many uses including texturing, grinding and cleaning of metal or plastic. The Cool wheels keep the grinding process cool making the suitable for plastics. When used for texturing they produce a matte finish.

The mizzy heatless wheels can be trued with a file.

Cratex Rubberized Abrasives
Cratex abrasives are made of premium-quality silicon carbide that has been washed, dried and treated to remove impurities. The Cratex abrasive is bonded to oil-resistant chemical rubber that creates a unique cushioned action. Unlike grinding wheels, Cratex wheels and points cut freely, smoothly and softly without gouging or digging into the work surface. Cratex resists clogging and smearing and is ideal for a broad rage of metallic and non-metallic surfaces

Cratex is available in four standard grits which differ according to mesh size of abrasive grain used; COURSE (Green), MEDIUM (Dark Brown), FINE (Reddish Brown), EXTRA FINE (Grey Green).

Cubitron Abrasives from 3M
3M CUBITRON is 3M's patented purple ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive that sharpens itself during use. After initial grinding, the abrasive grains fracture along micro fissures to create new cutting surfaces. This process continues throughout the grinding. The result is an abrasive that lasts 2-4 times longer than traditional aluminum oxides (depending on the grit). You will have faster removal of material with less heat and "loading" (debris build up on the abrasive itself). When you want the "best" coated abrasive for grinding and sanding metal, wood, plastic and other materials, just look for purple; 3M Cubitron purple!

Diamond Abrasives from Edenta
Edenta Swiss Diamond Polishers or "Ceragloss" polishers are a superior, diamond impregnated, rubberized abrasive. They provide an excellent finish on platinum and titanium. The wheels are points are mounted on 3/32" shanks for use with your flexshaft machine.

Polish in a 3-Step process beginning with green (Coarse), then blue (Medium) and finishing with yellow (Fine).

Diamond Flex Abrasives from 3M
3M's FLEX DIAMOND offers the cutting power of diamond and the strength of a metal bond. They have great durability and long life. Ideal for grinding stone ceramic, composites, glass marble fiberglass and hard to grind metals. Removes material quickly and leaves a uniform finish cutting sanding time in half. For longer life, use water or a bur lubricant as a coolant. 3M Flex Diamond Abrasives are excellent for inside ring clean up, shaping and carving stones. They can be used on metals or stones.

Eve Flex Twists
EVE Twists were designed in Germany for polishing precious and non-precious metals. Think of them as a cross between a bristle brush and an abrasive wheel. Use these light weight wheels with your flexshaft or micromotor on a screw-top mandrel.

They are super-thin, knife edge, abrasive impregnated discs that can be used by themselves or stacked together. This versatility allows you to polish items of any detail. The thin "fingers" can polish down into crevices and cracks, and their flexibility makes for a smooth, even finishing.

The EveFlex Twists cover a wide range of grits; from 1
00 to 8000grit in addition to fine and medium pumice (and color coded for easy identification). Use the grits individually for specific jobs or in succession from coarse to fine to achieve a beautiful finish. They also come in 3 sizes (5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameters) depending on you needs.

Eve Rubberized Abrasives
EVE Silicone Abrasive Polishers is a German line of polishing wheels and abrasive used worldwide.  These long lasting abrasives can be used with both precious (gold and silver) and semi-precious (brass and copper) metals.  For best results, use a light touch; let the abrasive do the work.  Available in 4 color-coded grits.

WHITE (Coarse - 100 grit) is aggressive, rapidly removing scratches and preparing the surface for polishing. The abrasive give the wheels a noticeable sparkle.

BLACK (Medium - 220 grit) is less aggressive than white but made of a more durable rubber.

BLUE (Fine - 800 grit) polishes to a high luster. Blue abrasives provide no cutting action.

PINK (Extra Fine - 1200 grit) is for a final polish. It brings your metal to a very high luster.

GemPol Platinum Polishers from Edenta
Edenta GemPol Polishers are the ultimate polisher for finishing platinum. These Swiss made abrasives are comprised of color-coded grits for a for a 3-Step protocol with your flexshaft machine.

WHITE (Step 1) is for initial smoothing. Use these at a maximum speed of 20,000rpm.

PINK (Step 2) provides a final shine. Use these at a maximum speed of 10,000rpm.

GREY (Step 3) leaves a high luster. Maximum operating speed is 5,000rpm.

Goldino Abrasive from Edenta
Edenta Goldino Polishers are fantastic polishers for finishing precious metals such as gold and silver. These Swiss made abrasives are comprised of color-coded grits for a for a 3-Step protocol with your flexshaft machine.

GREEN Medium (Step 1) is for initial smoothing. Use these at a maximum speed of 20,000rpm.

YELLOW Fine (Step 2) provides an excellent pre-polish. Use these at a maximum speed of 10,000rpm.

PINK Extra fine (Step 3) leaves a high gloss final polish. Maximum operating speed is 10,000rpm.

Micro Finish Abrasives from 3M
3M's MICROFINISH is premium, micron-graded aluminum oxide grain that are electrostatically oriented for great cutting efficiency and resin bonded for increased durability. The backing on the sanding drums, sanding discs and sanding strips is a high strength polyester film. These abrasives are fast cutting and provide precise, consistent, close finishes.

Ruby Stone Abrasives
Ruby Stone Abrasives are used for finishing work. These aluminum oxide stones are mounted on 3/32" shanks to fit standard flexshaft handpieces. They are great for quick and accurate grinding on soft materials like gold and silver. Works on glass, porcelain and some soft stones as well.

Sanding Cones
Inside ring shells are used for smoothing and polishing the insides of rings. Emery ring shells can be mounted on the tapered spindle of your buffing machine with a wood mandrel. The inside ring shells come in 4 grits; 4/0 grit(800 mesh), 2/0 grit(500 mesh), 1 grit(280 mesh) and 3 grit(180 mesh) or try our assortment package of ring shells.

Separating Discs
High speed separating disc are nearly razor thin grinding discs useful for cutting and shaping metal. The resin-bonded abrasive discs cut fast, run cool and are odor-free.

Stainless Steel Polishers from Edenta
Edenta Stainless Steel Polishers are a Swiss made rubberized abrasives consisting of a 2-Steps for polishing stainless steel and other hard metals such as titanium and platinum.  Use with your flexshaft machine.

GREY (Step 1) is a medium grit for initial polishing. Use these at a maximum speed of 20,000rpm.

BLUE (Step 2) provides an excellent finish. Use these at a maximum speed of 10,000rpm.

TopStar Rubberized Abrasives from Edenta
Edenta Top Star Polishers are a Swiss made rubberized abrasives consisting of a 3-Steps for polishing precious (gold and silver) and semi-precious (brass and copper) metals.  Use with your flexshaft machine.

BROWN (Step 1) is an excellent pre-polish. Use these at a maximum speed of 20,000rpm.

GREEN (Step 2) provides high gloss. Use these at a maximum speed of 10,000rpm.

GREEN (with yellow stripe shank) (Step 3) gives an ultra high polish on your metal. Use these at a maximum speed of 10,000rpm.

Trizact CF Abrasives from 3M
3M's TRIZACT CF is macro-replicated aluminum oxide grain that has been embedded in uniform “bricks” on a firm backing. The abrasive mineral is always present at the working surface which results in a consistent, predictable finish from beginning to end. The layers of material in the bricks produce long-life. There is 2-3 times more mineral than conventional abrasives. They will last up to twice as long as the competition. Because there is consistent cut rate throughout, you do not have to increase pressure the longer you use it. The geometric pattern of the Trizact CF also reduces heat build up and “loading.” Great for removing scale.

Trizact EA Abrasives from 3M
3M's TRIZACT EA is aluminum oxide grain that has been embedded in uniform plastic pyramids on a firm backing. The result is an abrasive with a fast, consistent cutting rate that requires little pressure. Use for pre-polishing and finishing on all metals, glass, plastics and composites. Ideal for removing sprues and cleaning castings. You get an even finish that reduces buffing and tumbling time. Who doesn't want high performance, a uniform cut rate and reduced fatigue for the operator?