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Fine Silver

Fine silver, pure silver or 999 silver wire bends easily, is soft and malleable and does not become
work hardened. Pure silver does not tarnish making it ideal for intricate wire work such as wire crochet


Metal clays, PMC and ACS, are fine silver, so fine silver wire works well when embedded in the clay for

loops and bails. Fine silver can be used with glass in lampworking (bead making) to add interest to the bead

by making interesting chemical reations with the glass. Use fine silver for metal fusing, as it has a lower

melting point, and does not firescale.

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Bezel Wire
Fine silver bezel wire for setting stones and gems but it also can be used with your metal clay projects to set stones.
The pure silver bezel wire can be fired with the art clay or PMC. Bezel wire is used to mount stones on
rings, in bracelets and more.

Round Wire
Pure silver round wire for wire wrapping and jewelry making. pure silver wire also called fine silver
or 999 silver. Fine silver wire is soft, tarnish resistant and will not work harden.