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Metals, Wire & Solder

Jewelry making metals, FDJ carries a large selection. From Sterling silver wire and pure silver wire to copper
and nickel silver you will find the wire or sheet for your wire wrapping or jewelry making projects.

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Artistic Wire
Artistic Wire is the most extensive line of permanently colored copper wire for jewelry and crafts. The wire has an exclusive enamel coating that is engineered to resist tarnishing, chipping and peeling. It will also stand up to coiling, spiral making, twisting, wrapping and other wire working techniques.

You can form Artistic Wire easily into jewelry components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, gemstone settings and more. Use our wide range of tools including round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, hammers and anvils, jump ring makers, spiral makers, wire twisting tools, wire crinklers, wire rounders and more.

Brass for jewelry making. Brass can be polished easily and has a soft yellow color. Use brass
to make jewelry or for practice. Mix brass with sterling silver wire or copper wire.

FDJ has a large selection of copper sheet, copper wire for jewelry making, wire wrapping. Available
is many gauges, copper gives new dimension to jewelry making. Mix copper, silver and brass.
Texturize your copper for a unique look.

Craft Wire
Beadsmith craft wires is great for projects, designs, household decorations and as a practice wire either for trying out new techniques or when planning an intricate design.

Tarnish resistant craft wire will age over time and may need a slight wipe over when exposed areas are unraveled from the spool.

It is very affordable though and is of a higher standard than that of the cheaper Taiwan made wires. It is also excellent for making jewelry or wire wrapping.

Fine Silver
Fine silver, pure silver or 999 silver wire bends easily, is soft and malleable and does not become
work hardened. Pure silver does not tarnish making it ideal for intricate wire work such as wire crochet


Metal clays, PMC and ACS, are fine silver, so fine silver wire works well when embedded in the clay for

loops and bails. Fine silver can be used with glass in lampworking (bead making) to add interest to the bead

by making interesting chemical reations with the glass. Use fine silver for metal fusing, as it has a lower

melting point, and does not firescale.

German Style Wire
German Style Plated Wire is excellent quality shaping wire. This copper and brass wire has an anti-tarnish coating and has the perfect temper and finish for most jewelry wire wrapping uses.

Nickel Silver
Nickel silver sheet, also know as German silver is an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc but is more durable
than silver. Nickel silver works well and polishes to a bright silver like finish. Use nickel silver in jewelry
making or to practice jewelry projects. Nickel silver contains no silver.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver wire and sterling silver sheet for jewelry making and wire wrapping. Many gauges of silver
wire or sheet for your hand crafted designs. Use our silver twisted wire for accents or twist sterling silver
square wire to make your own design.